Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Finally Listed for Sale, What’s Next?

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North Las Vegas has been closed since his death in October 2018, but that hasn’t stopped the brothel from being listed on the market. After months of speculation, listing agent Barbara Waller told Vegas Inc that the 27-acre property was officially listed at $20 million on February 14th. Hof was running for a seat in the Nevada State Assembly when he died, and if he had won he would have become the first state official to hold office while owning legal brothels. He also owned two other brothels in Nevada and was working on opening another one in California.

How did he die?
It appears as though Dennis Hof died of natural causes. A statement from Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said that he died at age 72 in his sleep early Monday morning. Law enforcement officials are still investigating, but it doesn’t appear to be suspicious. So far no cause of death has been released officially. They’re waiting on some lab results and official paperwork before they release an official cause of death, Pahrump Valley Times reporter David Montero told us. It could take months. In November 2018 we learned that he had been hospitalized with a lung infection in November 2017.

The brothel was closed since his death
Prostitution is a legal enterprise in some areas of Nevada. Brothels are an economic mainstay in many rural counties. But according to brothel owner Dennis Hof — who has been featured on HBO’s Cathouse — one of his brothels was shut down by local authorities after his death. The Love Ranch South in Crystal, Nevada has since reopened. . . . Hoffman said that she and her team were working with a broker to sell it as soon as possible. The price was not listed but Hoffman said she expected it to sell between $50 million and $60 million… Dennis Hof’s net worth was estimated at $20 million when he died. There are about 30 or 40 people there now just taking care of business, said [Brothel spokesman Richard] Hunter. The business continues as usual.

Will it be sold again?
It’s too early to tell whether The Love Ranch will be sold again. Despite its high-profile assets, including an enviable location along the main road on Las Vegas’s famous Strip and a popular celebrity clientele such as Lamar Odom and Bill Clinton, there is still much work to be done before The Love Ranch can become a successful hotel and brothel again. This includes getting all of its required state permits. If any outside investors are found by new owners, these plans could change significantly. Whether or not another buyer will commit to keeping it as a brothel remains to be seen; when Hof was asked about his intentions for The Love Ranch after he bought it in 2013, he told reporters that he planned on keeping it as a legal house of prostitution—but that’s now up in the air. Will people continue visiting a brothel with a new owner?: Since news broke about Hof’s death, we’ve already heard from several potential customers who want to visit The Love Ranch in honor of its previous owner.

Is there a buyer interested in buying the Love Ranch or any other of Hof’s businesses?
It is unclear who owns Love Ranch or any of Hof’s other brothels after his death. As TNS reported previously, Shari Redstone’s National Amusements (through subsidiary RGG Holdco LLC) had been in talks to purchase The BunnyRanch. However, as a public company listed on a stock exchange, Vivid Entertainment has struggled to gain traction in recent years. In December 2017, Vivid was forced to sell its long-running flagship property and sign with a much less reputable talent agency to keep its doors open. Although it is a possibility that another party could have swooped in since then, it seems unlikely given these circumstances.

Is this goodbye to the BunnyRanch too?
It’s been nearly two months since Dennis Hof passed away, and now his brothel outside of Las Vegas has officially hit the market. Could it be that history will repeat itself and another owner could take over where he left off? Or is that kind of success impossible to replicate twice. Many are wondering if another owner can recreate what drew so many guests to The Love Ranch in Mound House, Nevada. How likely would they be able to replace him at all? Is there even an owner out there who could manage more than 500 sex workers all at once while balancing a full-time career at an average age of 47 years old like he did? We know how popular these types of opportunities are – not just among folks wanting new careers but also among established businessmen looking for solid investments. However, few realize just how much work actually goes into running a legal brothel these days. From negotiating fair prices with suppliers to setting effective staffing schedules – things we take for granted when going out on dates or arranging hookups – it’s no wonder most new managers don’t last long. So without further ado, let’s explore some of The Best Businesses For Men In 2018! #1 For those seeking safety in numbers If you’re familiar with Nevada brothels, then you probably already know about one of them called Reno’s Little Moonlite BunnyRanch which boasts it as The World Famous Brothel & #1 Legal Sex Resort Town Of America. This was once one of Dennis Hof’s properties.

The most interesting thing about the estate sale – price estimates on items ranging from $200,000 to over $7 million!
Hof had owned and operated six brothels in Nevada. The sale includes his properties in Crystal, Amargosa Valley, and Mound House. He also owns properties in Pahrump that include another brothel called Kit Kat Guest Ranch. His Westside Pahrump ranch has a go-kart track and nightclub along with several buildings known as The Ranches where he planned to open a strip club. The property was listed at $20 million last year. It’s now listed at $7 million – two years after it was on the market.

Trivia – A list of Dennis Hof and Moonlite BunnyRanch related celebrity guests
Jerry Seinfeld. Snoop Dogg. Lamar Odom. Matthew McConaughey. Joe Rogan. Jeremy Piven. Dr. Drew. Charlie Sheen. Tobey Maguire. Jenny McCarthy. Jesse James. Howard Stern. Hulk Hogan. Tucker Max. Emily Ratajkowski.

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